Types of German Shepherds

Different Types of German Shepherds

german shepherd show line

Canine royalty meets a heart of gold is the best way to describe German Shepherds. There are many different types of German Shepherds. They are loyal, confident, courageous, intelligent, and protective. They are known to be excellent family pets, guard dogs, police dogs, therapy dogs, and military dogs. If you are looking for a German Shepherd to join your family, you need to make sure you choose the right type.

Here is an overview of the types of German Shepherds most of us are familiar with:

German Shepherd Show Dogs

Are you interested in raising a prize-winning German Shepherd? It takes years of hard work to prepare your dog for the show ring but it’s worth it to see your GS show off their exceptional obedience and beautiful stature.

American Show Breed

This breed was extremely popular in the 1970s. When this breed is well-bred they feature an extreme rear angulation and narrow head compared to the other GS breeds. The character is intelligent, calm, and laid-back. They are specifically bred for showing but also do great obedience and agility work.

If you are looking for a family or companion pet, this is the GS breed for you! This is the type of German Shepherd that is a great playmate and guardian for your kids and a loyal family member.

East German DDR Working Breed

Vostochno Evropeiskaya Ovcharka
This German Shepherd breed was originally developed and bred in the Deutsche Demokratische Republik under government-controlled pedigree restrictions. More than 40 years of closed breeding created this distinctive-looking GS breed.

This unique breed features a high work drive, sound temperament, superior intelligence, an athletic body, a deep chest, and a large-sized head.

Experienced dog owners are the ideal handler for this awesome breed.

West German Show Breed

west german german shepherd show dog

Extremely handsome and intelligent, the West German breed requires socialization, lots of exercise, and training. When used for breeding purposes they require a health clearance to pass their genes along to their descendants. Usually, an elbow and hip working title and clearance are needed.

They are excellent family pets and guard dogs. They have plenty of energy that needs to be burned off with daily walks, time running around in the yard or a long game of fetch.

West German Working Breed

This German Shepherd breed has a stable temperament, powerful working ability, and a strong working drive. It excels when it works protecting, guarding, and rescuing.

This breed knows how to relax and calm down after work is done. They make amazing pets for active owners and families.

Czech Working Breed

This working dog was specifically bred to patrol and work military borders. The breed was developed in 1955 and owned by Pohranicni Straze and the Czechoslovakian Army border patrol.

A strict breeding program was established to ensure a dark pigment, strong build, and high working drive. They excel at protection, agility, and obedience sports.

This breed needs daily physical and mental stimulation. They can be intense at times, so an experienced dog owner is an ideal candidate for the Czech working breed.

With so many dog breeds to choose from, GDS’s have long been a favorite. Are you ready to welcome a German Shepherd into your life? Which one is the best breed for you?