What Are All The Dog Breeds?

Dog Breed List A To Z

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How Many Dog Breeds Are There, Anyway?

Depends upon who you ask!

The world of dog breeds and breeding standards is a complex and particular one. Knowing what are all the dog breeds can be difficult at any given time.  The pure breed world is constantly changing. However, there is information to be had if you look closely.

Dog Breed Organizations

The Fédération Cynologique Internationale is the World Canine Organization. This is the organization that oversees a number of international kennel clubs from dozens of countries. Countries that are not members have their own governing organization:

Most importantly, these groups are the overarching organizations responsible for determining breed qualifications and enforcing breed standards. 

Developing New Dog Breeds

There are varying criteria for what is required for a new breed to reach purebred status. Some of the guidelines:

  • Maintaining a minimum population number of dogs
  • Creating a dedicated organization
  • Maintaining a minimum number of members

Each new breed club is required to have a set of standards that must be met.

This is a long and arduous process, but for good reason. As a result, only 25 new dog breeds have been granted official status since 2010. Adhering to these criteria ensures that breeding standards are maintained, and the purity of the breed is consistent. 

American Kennel Club recognize has seven categories of breeds:

  1. Sporting
  2. Hounds
  3. Terriers
  4. Herding dogs
  5. Working dogs
  6. Non-sporting dogs 
  7. Toy breeds

The numbers do vary. In the United States the American Kennel Club list includes around 190 different types. The FCI currently lists about 360 recognized breeds.

Purebred dogs are the standard in these organizations. For example, they do not include mixed breed dogs, or any of the popular cultural mixes known as “designer dogs, ie., labradoodles, goldendoodles, schnoodles or pomsky’s. (You can see some of our favorite breeds here!)

What Are All The Dog Breeds?

Dog Breed List A To Z

This general list* contains over 400 breeds of dog not specific to a particular organization. From Akitas to German Shepherds to Yorkshire Terriers and Australian Cattle Dogs, there are probably dozens you’ve never heard of. (You can go to the specific organization above to find particulars on the recognized breeds for each group.)

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