What To Do With Kong Dog Toys

How Kong Dog Toys Work For Your Dog

German shepherd with a kong

What Are Kong Dog Toys?

In short, a Kong dog toy is the best possible part of your dog’s life next to you and his food bowl.

The Classic Kong

The classic Kong is a hard rubber toy that is shaped like a hollow, soft ice cream cone. It has a hole in both ends, one small, one larger. The Classic Kong comes in a number of sizes, from gigantic for the largest, most aggressive breeds, to the tiniest Kong for the toy breeds. All of them are durable, affordable, and designed to help your dog learn to fetch, chew, chase, and increase their prey drive.

How Does a Kong Work?

The shape of the Kong is it’s super power! It’s graduated ball shapes causes it to bounce like crazy when it hits the ground. Unlike a tennis ball, a frisbee or any other type of dog toy toy or gear, the Kong actions provide your dog with never-ending activity this is both dynamic and unique every time you throw it.

Because of it’s shape, it hits the ground and rebounds, bounces, rolls and changes direction in unexpected way. No two throws are ever the same . Your dog’s prey drive goes into overtime as she tries to chase it, catch it, anticipate what it will do next, and basically run it to ground. Sheer joy.

Because the Kong is do durable, it’s a go-to choice for many dog owners whose dogs are chewers.

What Can You Do With A Kong?

The original Classic Kong is still a favorite of most dogs.There are a number of ways you can use it:

  1. Throw it.
  2. Put a treat inside it as a reward
  3. Stuff it with a healthy treat and freeze it. This will give your dog a lasting treat as she works to empty it.
  4. The Kong is a great training tool

What Can You Put In Your Dogs Kong?

You can stuff your dog’s Kong with almost anything they like!  You can smear peanut butter around the inside, as well as yogurt, wet dog food, pumpkin, anything they love.

You can fill completely and freeze it for an extra treat, or to give them an activity during time that they are crated.

How To Use Kong Dog Toys

There are all sorts of Kong toys to choose from! The Classic Kong is always a favorite, but there are also tiny Kongs for puppies and toy breeds, softer Kongs for senior dogs, and floating Kongs for dogs who love the water. Don’t forget the Kong Extreme for the toughest chewers.

If you are looking for more ideas for making a Kong a favorite part of your dogs day, visit the Kong company website for tips and suggestions for how to make the best of your dog’s experience.