Holiday Safety Tips For Dogs?

Help Your Dog Avoid Holiday Stress & Dangerous Accidents!

dogs and holiday stress

What holiday safety tips for dogs should you know? Why do you need to worry about keeping your pet safe during the holiday season? It’s a very busy time in the home, and important to stay aware and to keep your pet safe and healthy.

Help your dog avoid dangerous holiday accidents!

Your Dog’s Holiday Stress and Safety

You may think a dog with holiday stress is a stretch. Your home is your private space where you are comfortable, have a routine, and feel safe.

A Change Happens In The Home

So, imagine for just a moment your comfortable home turning upside down. Suddenly there is a cacophony of noise throughout your house. The furniture is all moved. There are new objects stuffed into your favorite cuddling spots. Your routine is interrupted, There are strange people, sounds and smells coming and going all the time. Excitement and energy is non-stop, and you feel a little left out in your own space.

Unusual Activity…

Dogs are super sensitive to changes in the home. As the holiday season approaches, the increased activity in your home can be difficult on your pup. For those dogs who are normally the center of attention, having to share the scene with a host of visits from family and friends, both young and old, is a new and sometimes unwelcome experience.

From tinsel to well meaning dog gifts from friends and family, there are dangers present for your pets during this busy season. Most are items or situations that are not normally present in your home, and that you may not even be aware of.

Holiday Safety Tips For Dogs

The holidays and stress on your dog may go hand in hand, but there are a few tips to keep your pets safe and happy during the holidays:

Avoid overfeeding your pet

You may be enjoying rich and delicious foods as part of the holiday festivities, but changes in diet can spell problems for your pet…be careful what hits the floor in your busy holiday kitchen! Avoid overfeeding your pet during the holidays and keep them on their regular diet.

Be mindful of Christmas breakables

Your cat may be playful and love to play with balls or soft toys.  She may also love to bat around those fragile glass ornaments or chew on decorations that smell like you! Make sure that breakable ornaments are far enough off the ground that they can’t get at them. Watch out for dough ornaments, paper or fabric decorations.

Avoid dangerous foods

Dogs love to eat things they shouldn’t! Dangerous food items or ingredients you think are harmless may indeed be dangerous – or lethal – for your family pet. Chocolate is dangerous for dogs…make sure that the treats you put out for guests or friends can’t be reached…and be careful that little ones don’t drop candies on the floor to be scooped up by a very excited pet!

Keep medications out of reach

Holiday guests or family often come with all types of medications. Just as with small children, it’s important to make sure that they are kept safely out of reach.  Even ibuprofen can make your dog critically ill. Keep medications out of reach at all times.

Manage excitement and stress for your dog

Let your pet participate in family activities, but not to the point that they get overwhelmed. Make a commitment to spend some ‘normal’ time with your pet each day, sticking to your daily walk or other recreational activity. If your dog tends to get overexcited when there is a great deal of activity, do them a favor and separate them by putting their cage or carrier in a quiet place where they can stay relaxed.

Be prepared in case of accidents

Last but not least, keep the phone number for your veterinarian handy in case there is an emergency. Time is of the essence if your pup appears unwell, lethargic, or seems as though something is wrong.

These holiday safety tips for your dog are a reminder that your pup relies on you to keep her safe and healthy during all times in the home. Keep your pets favorite toys handy at all times, plenty of fresh water for drinking, and make sure they have a quiet place to go when they are getting over stimulated.