Essential Dog Hiking Gear (5 Items Your Dog Needs)

What kind of hiking gear does your dog need?

hiking with a dog

Must-Have Outdoor Gear For Your Dog’s Next Adventure

Is your dog your hiking buddy? If so, essential dog hiking gear is key to a successful outing.

Chances are you may have found yourself on the trail with no water, food, or other necessities for your pup. Sometimes you don’t pack enough when you go camping, forget to pack, or you don’t know you should pack gear for your dog.

You can make hiking with your furry friend easier when you are prepared with the right gear, rain or shine. Here is a list of hiking gear for a dog that will make your adventures safe and happy!

1. Collar, Harness, Leash, and Identification Tags

Bright colorful collars, harnesses, and leashes make sure you and others can easily spot your dog during a hike.

  • Choose durable waterproof materials for collars, harnesses, and leashes for long-lasting use. Identification tags are also crucial in case your dog runs off too quickly. Continually update your dog’s identification tags with their name, your name, address, and phone number.
  • Also, if your dog has medical issues, it’s best to note it on the tag or create a separate medical tag stating their ailments.

2. Water and Food

When you own a working dog, you know that they go 100% for 100% of the time!

Taking a break during a hike with your dog is needed for them to catch their breath and rest their muscles. During a break, it’s vital to offer your dog clean water, some food, or a quick treat.

A helpful tip involves placing chopped carrots in the refrigerator in a zip lock bag and carrying them in your backpack for your dog. This cool juicy treat helps with hydration and provides your dog with a healthy snack while on a hike.

Also, remember to carry plenty of bottled water and a portable doggie bowl along.

3. Plastic Bags for Waste

Most local and state parks require pet parents to clean up after their dogs. Whether it’s required or not, it’s the right thing to do. Homeowners can get pretty upset if you are curbing your dog on their prize perennials.

It’s also important for the environment and water quality in the surrounding area. Be sure to pack plenty of pet poop bags in your backpack, as well as a larger bag to store the dirty bags in case the trash can is far away during your hike.

4. Canine First Aid Kit

During a hike, your dog will be stepping on various things such as dirt, twigs, rocks, leaves, and more. Sometimes dogs injure their paws or get scratched by branches and need medical attention. Carry a pet first aid kit so you can take action immediately. Your goal is to clean and bandage any wounds, as well as be prepared to carry your dog if they can’t walk.

5. Dog Hiking Gear

An excellent way to avoid injuries to paws is to get your pet dog hiking boots. They are available in a variety of sizes, and most features a Velcro closure to custom fit it to your dog’s size. In addition, the boot’s sole is often thick with good tread to ensure your dog can confidently hike on various terrain and rocks safely.

This list of essential dog hiking gear for your pup is just the beginning. Every dog is different, so make sure you add your dog’s favorite hiking items as well. For example, bring along your dog’s favorite Frisbee, ball, or toy to make the hike more entertaining for your dog.