Dog Rain Gear For Hiking (And What You Should Consider)

Dog Rain Jackets, Boots, Umbrellas, Collars

dog in the rain

Does Your Dog Need Rain Gear for Hiking?

Hiking with your dog is exciting, fun, and a bonding experience. However, when it rains, it can become miserable if you are not wearing the right gear.

Chances are you already carry rain gear for yourself in your backpack but did you know there is rain gear for dogs? Proper dog rain gear for hiking is essential to keep your dog protected from harsh weather and elements. It can also turn a cold, shivering dog into a happy pup splashing around in the puddles for fun!

Here are dog rain gear items your dog must-have for your next hiking adventure:

Basic Dog Rain Gear: Jackets

HDE Hooded Dog Raincoat

HDE Hooded Dog Raincoat

Waterproof, reflective, adjustable and super easy to pack. The bright yellow color is also a smart idea to ensure your dog is easily visible in the park or the woods.

Hurtta Rain Blocker, Dog Raincoat

Hurtta Rain Blocker, Dog Raincoat

Among the Crème de la crème of dog raincoats. Waterproof and breathable material that has 3M reflective accents added for safety.

NACOCO Large Dog Raincoat

NACOCO Large Dog Raincoat

NACOCO Large Dog Raincoat. A lightweight, poncho hoodie highly waterproof and breathable.

Those ice-cold raindrops can cause your dog to shiver and feel uncomfortable during your hike. A doggie raincoat or rain jacket protects your dog from the cold rain and makes the hike more enjoyable. They are available in various sizes, colors, patterns, and designs to ensure your dog is comfortable, protected, and strutting their stuff in style.

Leash Umbrellas

Have you ever taken your dog for a hike in the rain and tried to keep them close by so they are protected by your umbrella? If so, you either ended up sacrificing your own well-being to protect your fur baby from the rain with your umbrella, or your dog ended up getting soaked during the hike. Leash umbrellas are extraordinary because they are convenient, easy to use, and provides your dog with their own umbrella when it matters most.

Doggie Rain Boots

Does your dog refuse to go for a hike during or after it rains? If your pup prefers not to get their paws wet, doggie rain boots are the perfect answer. The rain boots are waterproof, stylish, and effective. They are available in a variety of sizes, styles, and colors. Most styles feature Velcro straps to make it easy to custom fit to your dog’s paws. A helpful tip to help your dog get used to wearing shoes is to allow them to wear them in the house first. Put the boots on the back paws first and let your dog become familiar with the feeling, then place the front boots on your dog.

Waterproof and Smell-Proof Leashes and Collars

Does your dog wear a beautiful leather collar with a matching leash when you go hiking? Chances are you got stuck in the rain, and the leather leash and collar absorbed water which resulted in a strong odor. The pet industry has created smell-proof and waterproof leashes and collars to help keep your dog’s neck dry and your hand more comfortable as you grasp the leash handle. Waterproof and smell-proof leashes and collars are available in a variety of colors and styles. A helpful tip is to choose a vibrant color to ensure you and your dog is seen on hiking trails during harsh weather with low visibility days.

Dog rain gear for hiking is easy to carry in your backpack, convenient, and necessary to keep your dog dry, comfortable, and safe during rainy hikes. You never know when a storm will hit on the hiking trail, and it’s best to be prepared. So get your dog’s hiking gear today!