Best Shampoos For Your Dog

So Many Types Of Dog Shampoos…What To Choose?

Shampooing a dog

Bath time may be considered a necessary evil for some pet owners. Actually, it’s one of the must-do’s when it comes to taking care of your fur-babies! How do you know what are the best shampoos for your dog, and when to use them?

Dogs are playful animals.  They love to get dirty, and sometimes a proper scrub down is the only means of getting rid of any dirt or stench. Choosing a shampoo from the vast selections that are available in most pet stores can be overwhelming.  It’s best to familiarize yourself with the various kinds before you seek them out.

Regular ‘Ol Dog Shampoo

Regular dog shampoo may appear to be quite similar with that of a human’s, but don’t be fooled. These products are made with specific ingredients that are perfect for cleaning and soothing the sensitive skin that lies beneath all that fur.

Dog skin can be incredibly sensitive, and even the mildest of perfumed or best dog deodorizing shampoos are capable of causing an allergic reaction. (One time we took our girl Nika to get a spa dog shampoo and grooming. She’s a nervous sort, so they gave her a blueberry face mask to help her relax. She looked gorgeous when she came home, but the rash she got on her face was epic.

Arm & Hammer Super Deodorizing Shampoo for Dogs

Arm & Hammer Super Deodorizing Shampoo for Dogs

Odor Eliminating Shampoo – Arm & Hammer Super deodorizing shampoo is a pet odor Eliminator, leaving your dog fresh and clean.

TropiClean Shampoos for Pets

TropiClean Shampoos for Pets

Cleanses, moisturizes and conditions your pet’s skin and coat in a luxurious lather to help relax tangled hair for easier brushing, leaving their coat soft and healthy.

Dog Shampoo

Dog Shampoo

Try one of the best dog shampoo formulas handcrafted to cleanse and moisturize dry skin and fur. A pet shampoo for dogs that’s a dog grooming supply and pet bath staple.

Most regular shampoos will also come with conditioning capabilities, though this is not strictly necessary, especially for dogs with longer coats.

Hypoallergenic Dog Shampoos

On the other hand, if your pet has overly sensitive skin or is recovering from a previous skin infection, consider making use of a hypoallergenic shampoo.

These items are made with all-natural and organic elements instead of the typical chemicals that are found in standard dog shampoos. The clean and green components lessen the chance of the product stripping away any natural oils found in your dog’s skin. Common ingredients include soothing agents such as aloe vera and olive oil. Some hypoallergenic shampoos can also be used in conjunction with topical creams to treat fleabites and the like.

Medicated Shampoos

Typically your veterinarian provides you with a prescription for Medicated shampoos.  These help to target specific conditions that your dog might have.

These shampoos treat irritations and clean the dog’s fur coat. If your dog has more serious issues such as skin rashes or staph infections, medicated shampoos are the optimal means of alleviating symptoms and providing comfort to them.

Some shampoos come with a setting time to be effective. You leave the shampoo on your dog for around ten or so minutes before rinsing it off. Other kinds of medicated shampoos are those that are antibacterial and anti fungal in nature, or products that will curb dry and flaky skin.

Insecticidal Shampoos

If your dog suffers from a flea and tick problem, then insecticidal shampoos are your best bet. These are products designed to get rid of those pesky fleas, and most of them will linger in the dog’s fur for a few days after application to ensure that the infection stays gone. Ensure that you follow all directions to the letter to completely eradicate all the bugs, and avoid getting any product in your dog’s eyes or mouth. Some of these shampoos are more potent than others, so it’s important that you consult with your vet before you buy a specific one.

Waterless Dog Shampoos

Lastly, humans may be fond of dry shampoos, but they certainly aren’t the only ones. Dry shampoos for dogs are incredibly popular and they work just as well for those who want to freshen up their furry friend while being short on time and water. Much like a dry shampoo for humans, waterless dog shampoos are often powdered substances that are effective in removing any dirt that sticks to a dog’s coat. These are also great options if you dog has sensitive skin and you’re worried that exposure to water and standard shampoos will irritate it further.

Other Shampoo Options

One of the best shampoos – and the one we usually use on Watson – is sort of a surprising solution. It’s super common that many breeders and handlers use Murphy’s Oil Soap for show dogs. It’s effective, gentle, rinses out easily, and leaves the coat beautiful and shiny.  For the Boxer we used to have, I tried a lot of dog shampoos for dry skin, but the Murphy’s always worked.